2016 ...been there done that...now onwards!!

A year of completions… we at Workforce Planning Global have had a great year and are now enjoying ticking off the list of major achievements…these include:

  • Leading and contributing to four inaugural international ISO HRM Standards on: Workforce Planning, Human Governance, Recruitment and Vocabulary. 
  • Building workforce planning capability in Australia,  Asia Pacific, Middle East, Canada and USA
  • Delivering consultancies across Australia in a diverse range of industries and sectors including:  Health, Resources, Transport, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Government and various private organisations.
  • Leading and contributing to new ISO HRM Standards on Human Capital Reporting, HR Metrics and Analytics, Workforce Management Systems and Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Developed the very popular ‘How can we help’ series of tips and tools

We are now focused on 2017 – The year of quality international accreditation!  

If you are interested in securing a worthwhile and internationally recognised accreditation in workforce planning, human capital reporting, HR analytics and more….please let us know!